What is it that make some people successful and others not? One thing that’s certain is,

you can’t hide complacency. That’s why we take 10 different selfies before picking the

perfect pic to show our not so perfect life. Commitment, on the other hand, can’t be

faked or hidden. It’s envied by those who want success, feigned for by the weak, and

excused by those unwilling to struggle for greatness. But to the successful, commitment

and dedication are normal. Many of them share the same components. I’ve listed 10 of

them below:

The 10 Components of Success

1. Every successful person has a strong sense of purpose

a. What’s your why? Understand that it MUST be your “why”. No one else can tell

you why you are doing something

2. Successful people seek out role models or mentors

a. These mentors instill in them a sense of possibility. Where I’m from we call these

people “Dream Builders”

3. They have the strength of visualizing their goal.

a. I remember when I played college football. One of the major things our position

coach would have us do was sit in our locker, with our eyes closed, and play the

game in our head. I’d see myself making the play before the game even started.

4. They have a positive sensory orientation

a. This means to dwell on your successes in life. Only people who don’t take

chances never make mistakes.

5. They have Self Assurance

a. You must KNOW that you can succeed!! Take a long look in the mirror, every

morning, and tell yourself that you will WIN!!

6. They Plan, Organize and Set Goals

a. Map out your scheduled workout times and plans, then STICK TO IT!!

b. Break down your goals.

7. They have the ability to acquire the necessary skills needed to succeed.

a. to do this, you must first identify your weaknesses. My personal challenge has

always been proper dieting. So I decided to hire a nutritionist and learn how to

cook and prepare food.

8. Have Patience

a. It didn’t take you 2 days to gain weight or get out of shape. It’s going to take time,

so be patient

9. They know about Perseverance

a. You know the cliché, “No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it”. Just

keep pushing! Trust yourself!

10. They have the ability to love what they are doing

a. I always tell my clients, “Fall in love with the process” and “Enjoy the Journey.”

It’s in these moments that memories are made.