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we are a strength and conditioning community united under the banner of purpose, integrity, discipline and compassion.

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Located in Houston’s Cottage Grove community, you will find our unique training and performance facility. We have both classic and unconventional training equipment, that will challenge you at a level far higher than you’ve been accustomed to.

“i started training with matt at misfit strength and conditioning a month ago. i was skeptical at first as this gym looked exactl like everything that i feared. let me be clear. i. am. not. athletic.”

Our coaches understand that no two bodies are alike. And while many of us want similar things, how we get there may take us down different paths. They have studied and learned from many of the best coaches in fitness, strength and conditioning. This allows them to tailor programming for individual needs and objectives.

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“We are about positively impacting lives. We want to help make people feel better and have an improved way of thinking about about themselves. If we can do this, we hope that allows them to love move and be compassionate towards others. Our ultimate goal is to build better humans.”


Specializations: Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning, Conjugate Method Training, General fitness/Weight Loss

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Byron Godfrey is the owner of Misfit Strength & Conditioning and wellness center director for Memorial Clinical Associates in Houston, Texas. A native Houstonian, Byron is the son of a retired firefighter and administrative assistant. From them, he learned the importance of physical strength, hard work, and dedication. He is also a champion of the underserved and devoted father of four.

He is a graduate of Rice University, where he majored in political science and sociology, as well as a four year letterman at running back and tight end for the football team. While finishing his fifth year at Rice, he assisted the strength and conditioning coaches with programming for the football, swimming, and tennis teams. This was the beginning of a passion for strength and conditioning. After college, this hunger continued as a high school teacher and football coach. During this time, he designed the strength and conditioning programs for all school sports in the district.

Byron left the education sector after six years to pursue a career in strength and conditioning. Throughout his career, he has continued his pursuit of knowledge to improve himself as a person and a coach/trainer. This quest led him to work with other professionals like James Cooper in Houston, Bobby Maximus and Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, and Jason Gusic of Westside Barbell. Byron is currently based in Houston where, over the last 18 years, he has been fortunate to train everyone ranging from high school athletes to senior citizens, as well as world champion professional athletes. He continues to use his knowledge and expertise to help his clients understand the significance improving the mind while improving the body.

“I get to do this for a living; teach people what I love to do – you can’t beat that!”

Chris Courtright

Specialization: Movement and Mobility, Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss

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Chris, born and raised in Houston, Texas has always had a passion for athletics. A graduate from Trinity University (2005), he was a linebacker on the school’s football team and was a starter on the national championship team for the 2002-2003 season. While playing an integral role on the team, Chris earned a degree in business. Once he graduated he did a brief stint in sports photography before realizing his heart was really in the fitness world. He became a certified trainer in 2007 and has since worked with groups from Gym Jones and Jason Gusic from Applied Strength and Conditioning. Chris is currently the general manager of Misfit Strength, in Houston. He has earned numerous certifications as a movement and mobility specialist. His clients range from all ages and abilities. Out of the thousands of applications throughout the world, Chris was selected as one of six people to compete on Stone Cold Broken Skull Challenge in 2016. Above his passion and dedication to the fitness world, Chris is most devoted to his wife, Simone, daughter Trinity (age 10), and son Jett (age 2).

“I live by the phrase that the easy path leads downhill. So I teach our people the same. We don’t hide from the difficult stuff, we embrace it.”

Matt Svehla

Specialization: Strength and Conditioning, Hypertrophy, Athletic Performance, Conjugate Method Training

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Raised on Houston’s southeast side of town, Matt has been involved with sports since a young child. That’s where his passion of exercise began. He earned a baseball scholarship to play for Redlands Community College in El Reno, OK where he played for two years. After leaving RCC, he transferred to Sam Houston State University to be closer to home and study Kinesiology.

Originally, he lifted weights and conditioned to improve his performance in baseball, but then quickly realized how much he enjoyed training and pushing himself every day to improve generally. Matt truly appreciates the benefits that come with the grind and struggle of training in the gym. “I’m not sure there’s anything else in this life, like pressing up against that wall where you have to constantly make the decision stop and quit, or push back and get better. That feeling is something I believe I could be good at teaching other people to do too.” Matt is currently the Director of Client Programming Misfit Strength & Conditioning.



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