Brandon Mcgusty is a friend of The Misfit Strength family, a life long athlete and avid participant in fitness training. He recently competed in his first fitness competition, after 10 weeks of training he took home 1rst and 2nd place . We caught up with him to discuss his experience.

What made you decide to enter a competition and how far out in advance did you decide?

I would always see these guys (on IG) posting pictures that are super ripped up and I could never understand why I couldn’t get to that level, even though I spent so much time in the gym. So I did a little research and found out that it’s all about proper nutrition and feeding your body at the right time with the right stuff and ultimately I decided that I wanted to try it just to prove to myself that I could do it.

What has been your training and nutrition plan over this process?

It has been insane, at least for my current situation. In the first few weeks, my coach (Dame Fit) had me in the gym going heavy weight 4 days a week for about an hour and eating 6x a day with ridiculous portions in order to gain weight (The goal was 10 clean lbs in 2 weeks). By the 4th week, I was in the gym 7 days a week, with about an hour of lifting and at least 40 minutes on the stair master, aka my worst enemy. In reality I wouldn’t say the training was rough, the rough part was juggling all of this while working 11-14 hour days and making sure that I was taking care of the Wife (who’s expecting) and our 2 yr old girl. There was no time for the gym after work, so after going to bed around 10PM or 11PM I would go to the gym around 330AM to get my 2 hours in. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone haha. Sleep/rest is a very critical aspect to building muscle and I feel like if I got adequate rest that I would have looked a lot better.

One thing that I’ve really admired about your journey has been the disciplined execution of your plan. One thing that I’ve struggled with is keeping my intensity up once the excitement of a challenge wears off, how did you keep pushing on the days you didn’t feel like working out?

Man, I became robot-like. At a certain point it wasn’t that I wanted to go workout, it was like “I have to go.” I basically put myself on the hook as soon I started telling people what I was attempting to do and then mentioned it on social media, that really made it bad. So I couldn’t embarrass myself and not go through with it. One thing that really helped is when people in the gym see you and come up to you and ask you “man what are you doing?” or “what supplements are you taking?” LOL It’s a reassuring feeling that you’re apparently doing something right.

Misfit Strength

 What was the hardest part for you?

Definitely the dieting. Weight lifting and cardio is nothing despite what people think. Try having your favorite foods in your face day after day, at work, at home, restaurants etc and not having even one bite. You pretty much eat the same thing day after day, you can try to mix it up if you want but no matter what you do, those eggs and oatmeal will never taste like Shipley’s Donuts. (I think I’m going to get some right now haha)

When I first came to Misfit I used to always ask Byron about abs,  I questioned him about why we don’t work abs everyday for a few months.

He explained to me that we were actually working abs through the movements and that abs were made in the kitchen.  I was so skeptical I started doing the Ab Ripper X workout at home.  When we spoke about it your answer was pretty much the exact same.  Can you give an overview of what creates ab definition and also how often you trained abs in your process?

Ah man, the glorious abs that everyone wants. The secret is actually no secret at all, you are what you eat. We’ve all known that phrase since we were kids, but we take what we put in our body for granted. That bacon might not show itself in your body right away, but trust me, eat enough of it and it’ll weigh you down. If you eat fatty foods, you’ll see results of fat, although not all fat is bad fat, fat it is still fat. If you want lean abs, then you eat lean food. I didn’t eat any meat other than 99% lean chicken, turkey or beef while training and I still use the lean method to this day just because I understand my body better now. In the first few weeks, I only trained abs once a week because it wouldn’t help much while bulking cause you can’t see them anyway. But in the last 5 weeks, I hit abs everyday, and sometimes twice a day if I had some extra time at home! It’s a very satisfying feeling to see that definition from all the sacrificing.

What was the first thing that you ate after the competition?

Watermelon sour patch. The minute I got in the car I murdered that bag. 

Awesome, well appreciate your time man.  Amazing accomplishment,

Thanks for the time bro!