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Staying Out of The Darkness

My Father has a great saying “Stay away from the darkness”.  It’s a simple rule that is easy to follow but things that are easy to do are easy not to do.  The darkness is a self imposed prison where we torture ourselves by reliving past events that we can not change, worrying about things […]

Misfit Strength & Conditioning | | Byron Godfrey, Owner

10 Components of Success

What is it that make some people successful and others not? One thing that’s certain is, you can’t hide complacency. That’s why we take 10 different selfies before picking the perfect pic to show our not so perfect life. Commitment, on the other hand, can’t be faked or hidden. It’s envied by those who want […]

Misfit Strength & Conditioning | | Byron Godfrey, Owner

It’s All Mental

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. -Blair Hill The mind is every thing: It produces your everyday emotions, sends electrical impulses to contract muscles allowing you to move while processing this image from lines to words you can comprehend. Every aspect of life is mental; from the obvious reading […]

Misfit Strength & Conditioning | | Byron Godfrey, Owner

How Compression Therapy Can Help You Work Out More

Unlike many trendy recovery techniques, compression therapy treatment has a solid history rooted in medical science. It has been around for some time.  Athletes have been using it in their daily routine to help them recover faster after an intense workout. Every athlete, regardless of their level of fitness knows there is a recovery period […]

Misfit Strength & Conditioning | | Byron Godfrey, Owner

Spring Into A Better You!

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Workout Outdoors Jennifer Jones, Health & Nutrition Consultant, Fitness Specialist, CPT When the clocks get pushed up an hour, you start to hear the birds chirping and see the flowers blooming and the weather is just impeccable, you know Spring has sprung! It’s like an automatic invitation to get […]